Timber Essential Oil Diffuser

  • $40.00

All our Natural wall hanging are created with raw and naturally porous materials which makes the perfect element for diffusing essential oils or a simple decoration for your home.

Decorate your home and work space, wardrobe, drawers, linen cupboard, car, caravan, wardrobes, bathrooms and hang on your bag.

Materials for Timber Essential Oil Diffuser:

  • Reclaimed Timber – approx. 4cm - 6cm
  • 3 x Recycled timber bead
  • Natural leather 

Add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to the wood - have your home and work smelling naturally fresh.

Handcrafted Organic Australian Jewellery:       

We are committed to 100% of our products being sourced and handcrafted with passion wholeheartedly in Australia. By supporting Elements Jewellery, you’re supporting Australian craftsmen. We aim to empower artisans, their families and their communities in the process.

The nature of our timber slices will vary depending on the type of timber, wood grain, pattern and shape. Nature being so individual.

Certified Made in Australia:

“Product of Australia” – Designed and made in Australia from 100% Australian made materials.


A portion of the sale of this product is donated to The Australian Marine Conservation Society to support them in their efforts to protect Australian marine life.

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