Natural Gum Nut Necklace

  • $29.00

The Natural Gum Nut necklace is created from biodegradable, Eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials within Australia.

Wearing our timeless pieces connects you to the natural world. Nature never creates the same being so individual and naturally stunning.


Natural Gum Nut Necklace

  • Reclaimed timber beads
  • Organic gum nut
  • Quality leather – Colour Tan / Black / Brandy 

Dimensions:  Adjustable length to 55cm, plus pendant length of 6-11cm


We are committed to 100% of our products being sourced and handcrafted with passion wholeheartedly in Australia. By supporting Elements Jewellery, you’re supporting Australian craftsmen. We aim to empower artisans, their families and their communities in the process.


“Product of Australia” – Designed and made in Australia from 100% Australian made materials.


A portion of the sale of this product is donated to The Australian Marine Conservation Society to support them in their efforts to protect Australian marine life.