Whale Tail Short Necklace

  • $25.00

The Whale Tail Short Necklace is made from sustainable Australian timber veneer.

Plastic pollution is a growing threat to whales and dolphins as well as seabirds and other marine creatures. Fifty-six percent of all whale and dolphin species, from small fish-eating dolphins to the largest filter feeding whales, have been recorded eating marine plastics they’ve mistaken for food.

Jewellery made from sustainable, Eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials within Australia.


Whale Tail Short Necklace

Sustainable Australian timber veneer Whale Tail Necklace

  • Queensland Maple pendant – 3cm x 4.5cm
    1 x Reclaimed timber bead
    Quality leather – Colour Brandy 

Dimensions:  Adjustable length to 35cm, plus pendant length.


We are committed to 100% of our products being sourced and handcrafted with passion wholeheartedly in Australia. By supporting Elements Jewellery, you’re supporting Australian craftsmen. We aim to empower artisans, their families and their communities in the process.


We are proud to announce that from each piece sold from our Blue Planet collection, we donate a portion of that sale to Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) charity who is dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean life and their homes.


“Product of Australia” – Designed and made in Australia from 100% Australian made materials.