Sourced Materials

The elements and materials used in the process of creating each individual product, tells a story of how beautiful Australia is and how lucky we are to live in such a bountiful country. Here at Elements Jewellery we pride ourselves in creating pieces that reflect that ideology.
To further support that notion all materials and resources are sourced and developed here in Australia.  We are strongly passionate about supporting local businesses and manufacturing in Australia.
Wooden Beads and Wooden Pendants
Our wooden beads and pendants are hand-crafted from unique and beautiful timbers, sustainably sourced from goldfields and surrounding areas in Western Australia. The timbers featured in our collection are Mulga, Pixie Bush, Gimlet, Boree, Jarrah, Sandalwood, Gidgee and Goldfields Blackbutt. To maintain their beauty, all pieces are designed around their natural shape and form.
Sandalwood Timber / Beads
We also source additional sandalwood timber beads from the Western Australian plantation as they have a passion for conservation, farm forestry and minimal chemical use in farming. Sandalwood is the second most expensive wood in the world. The wood and oil produce a distinctive fragrance that has been highly valued for centuries by numerous ethnicities in all parts of the world.
The seeds featured in our products are from the stunning Poinciana tree, which, in summer, displays the most vibrant red flowers. During the spring time, however, the seeds from this beauty are dropped and we then are lucky enough to gather these from neighbour’s trees.
Gum Nuts
We utilise gum nuts in our items as we believe they capture the pure essence of Australia’s natural beauty. To impart the importance of respecting our land and being resourceful on our 5-year-old son, we go on local adventures together, collecting the nuts, which are then hand-drilled to be featured in our collection.
Quandong Beads
The Quandong beads featured in our pieces are a truly unique native to Australia. They are sourced from the Goldfields Indigenous community so as to respect the traditional importance to the Indigenous culture and mythology.
Australian Veneer Timber (Blue Planet Collection)
The Australian timber we source is renewable, reusable, recyclable, and completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly and made in Australia. Veneering is a highly efficient use of wood. Adhering thin slices of timber to stable substrates yields a material with all the positive features of solid timber while maximising its best resources.
Our chosen manufacturer is environmentally friendly and uses responsible timber – The programme for Endorsement of the Forest Certification (PEFC) promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and Carriers full Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification to ensure the wood is legally sourced from sustainable Australian timber under the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS).
The beautiful Boulder and Matrix opals in our collection are known as Australia’s national gemstones. They have been thoughtfully mined in South West Queensland and then polished and drilled by a veteran craftsman who is passionate about these beautiful opals.
Merino Wool Yarn
We utilise Woolganic wool yarns which are spun from 100% Certified Organic Australian Merino Wool, certified by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute. Woolganic are a family operated business located in Newcastle, New South Wales. They practice sustainable farming with minimal impact on the environment. No synthetic inputs are used on the livestock – no dips, drenches, back lining or antibiotics.
Alpaca Wool Yarn
We also utilise Adagio Mills yarns which are spun from 100% Australian Alpaca wool. The natural colours are blended from the alpaca fibres to maintain their organic beauty. Adagio Mills is a family-operated business in Orange, New South Wales. They believe strongly in sustainable Australian manufacturing, ethical treatment of animals and are also committed to supporting Australian fibre and generating local employment.
Cotton Yarn
The cotton yarn used is also sourced from a family owned and operated manufacturer. The Industrial Yarns are the only Australian yarn manufacture to produce twisted cotton yarns. The cotton is 100% Australian grown. The raw cotton is sent to a mill at Tullamarine Victoria, where it is combed, drawn and spun into yarn. The thread is then sent to Industrial Yarns mill located in Melbourne, Victoria, established in 1985. The cotton is a series of multiple twisted ends to form a thicker yarn for various uses.
Kangaroo Leather
To support ethical treatment towards animals, the kangaroo leather we use is sourced from one of, if not the most humane and environmentally-friendly animal industries. The roos are not farmed and therefore are not interfered with in any way. The animals roam the land freely without human intervention. This means that no chemicals are used on the animals, no trees are cleared for their pastures, and no fences are built to retain them.
The beautiful feathers we utilise are naturally moulted from happy, healthy birds at the Glasshouse Mountains bird sanctuary – Parrots in Paradise. One of the many things they do is take in unwanted, lost or surrendered parrots, and find homes for these birds to be adopted. These feathers raise awareness and we donate funds to this non-profit bird sanctuary to support the great work they do.
The naturally shaped and polished stones featured in our pieces are skilfully hand drilled by a veteran craftsman in South Western Queensland. We utilise these stones as they are believed to energise one’s aura and welcome change. It is thought that the natural polishing of the stones offered by mother nature due to their journey through water currents and contact with other stones ‘unlocks’ their healing potential.