About Us

Hello, my name is Beverley I live in Bargara, Queensland. Australia is a place of exceptional natural beauty. As a family we love to explore the untamed woodlands, climb rugged mountains, kayak down remote rivers while sustainably gathering botanical pods and seeds.

The best part of my business is exploring the natural world with our 7-year-old.

We shape and design distinctive jewellery with the finest Australian made materials, using honest, ethical and sustainable practices. All our pieces are one-of-a-kind, every piece is bound to represent the enduring beauty of Australia, and the bountiful earth to which it belongs.

We are proud to be awarded and certified as “Product of Australia” – Designed and made in Australia from 100% Australian made materials. 

 We are committed to supporting local growers, utilise family owned and operated businesses here in Australia. We aim to empower and encouraging handmade, creativity and craftsmanship, focusing on using local material and resources to support the development of local business and skills.

Organic, fresh and beautifully made – the variation from piece to piece in how they are crafted is a great counterpoint to the machine-made sameness one sees everywhere.


A lot of ancient philosophers around the world classify the composition of the universe into 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (space).We base our designs on these elements to bring us closer to nature.

 At Elements Jewellery, we believe it is these natural elements that connect us to our true human selves, and that when we are connected to these elements with our senses, true physical and emotional well-being occurs. That is why we utilise the elements provided by Mother Nature in this huge expanse of beautiful country that we call Australia - or home - in designing and creating every single piece.