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You may well be wondering what on earth is a Kokedama?
“Kokedama” is a Japanese word which literally translated means moss ball.
Using traditional wrapping techniques and soil combinations we teach you the skills required to create these wonderful pot-less hanging plants.
Not only does a Kokedama look amazing but they are really low maintenance and so much fun to make, you see one you will just love them!
In this hands-on workshop we will introduce the basics of Kokedama making and you will have the opportunity to make a creation of your own to take home.
A Kokedama workshop provides an opportunity to learn a new skill and connect with nature in a creative way, through an experience that is both playful and relaxing. Kokedama workshop provides the perfect opportunity to get stuck into nature and leave with a beautiful plant that means you can bring the outside inside in your home as well.

Duration: 1.5 - 2 Hours 

Date: COMING SOON Time: 

Receive: 1 x kokedama
Level: Beginners class
Limited Spaces: As you imagine these classes do get filled up super quickly
What to bring: Clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty and gardening gloves for wrapping the twine.
Venue: The workshop will take place at: BOYLANS GARDEN WORLD
853 Burnett Heads Road
Qunaba QLD 4670

Closing date 5 days prior to workshop commence date.

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