Vegan Clay Necklace

  • $30.00

This vegan clay necklace is crafted with hand-rolled Australian ceramic clay beads and hand-carved Australian timber beads. Vegan clay necklace is organic, fresh and beautifully made – the variation from piece to piece in how they are crafted is a great counterpoint to the machine-made sameness one sees everywhere.

Materials for Vegan Clay Necklace:

  • 2 x Ceramic clay beads
  • 3 x Reclaimed timber beads
  • Quality cork cord – natural colour
  • Stainless steel push and twist clasp

Dimensions: just below the collarbone 51cm / 20”

Handcrafted Organic Australian Jewellery:          

By supporting Elements Jewellery, you’re supporting Australian craftsmen. We aim to empower artisans, their families and our communities in the process. Handmade using genuine cork makes it a great replacement for leather. Cork is also sustainably harvested, trees are not harmed on the cork removal process.

Certified Made in Australia:

“Australian made” – Designed and made in Australia.

* This line of our collection is Australian made, but not 100% Australian sourced as the cork cord and clasp is not manufactured in Australia and is certified as “Australian made”.

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